{March 11, 2010}   The Bicurious Debate

I am curious… seriously. I love beauty, understand it and even more so I love beautiful women. I’ve always known it as there. In high school (the strict type) for girls it was there but then it didn’t appeal to me because it seemed to be only for a certain type of girl who more often than not was butch or too much like a guy. If you want a guy get a guy why settle ? I know it’s controversial but that’s just me.
So my first kiss (with a girl) was probably a dare or something at a camp with my friends after high school I think. It was a drunken truth or dare and I don’t remember much. The next one was with this really beautiful chic who was a friend of a girl pal’s and well she wanted to make her boyfriend while I really just didn’t care. The pal who had introduced me to her is also really beautiful and at some point in the future we had our moment too.
The most memorable for me was this one time I’d gone out with my girls. I was annoyed with the boyfriend who instead of coming with us wanted to hang out with his uni crew, Did I mention he was with them every freaking time??If I wanted to go out I’d have to tag along since he never wachanad with them. So in all my sexiness with my girls who clearly represented the hotness we went out. Met with the boyfriend and his crew in town then left to Westy. We were nicely buzzed when we got there and the first stop was Q’s those days when we all used to go and tick the roll call.So we would walk downstairs and upstairs checking the stretch of Q’s looking to see if our friends were there. I was at one end of the downstairs level and that’s when I saw her, She was hott!! Seriously smoking. She gestured for me to come over so I went then she whispers in my ear.
”Babes you are so hot”
I’m thinking ‘I was going to tell her the same thing”
Then she kissed me..
Honestly felt like those out of body experiences and I don’t remember how long it was only at some point it hit me that my girls would probably be in the area and since I didn’t want to shock them I left.
But I went back three times and we made out twice before we almost got caught by her girlfriend. Mind you this is in more or less the open corner of Q’s near a pool table. She had both a girlfriend and a boyfriend and a girlfriend but her boyfriend didn’t know about the girlfriend
. Like she said it’s every guy’s fantasy but NOT when it comes to his girlfriend. We exchanged details before the girlfriend came back and I left before she got suspicious.
We did text and we were supposed to meet until I chickened out because of the boyfriend. I didn’t ant to do him wrong and in the event I went for the other team I didn’t want to hide it.
Now I can testify most of my girls have that undercurrent of attraction, you just don’t want to make a move because you’re not quite sure how far they are ready to go. With others all it takes is a little alcohol and no judgment and the promise of secrecy and they will make the switch. Sometimes the baby showers and hen-parties are really a walk on the wild side.
I even had a girl pal who got fed up with guys after a particularly nasty break -up and went to the other side. It was interesting to watch I must admit and she could have been on my list if it wasn’t for her tendency to annouce her biz to the whole world. Cardinal rule though with the girls is secrecy unless they
1. Don’t really care
2. Are there for the long haul.
One of my girl pals has a theory that it’s there for every woman currently in our age group as Xs said. I’m also very sure that that particular friend has taken those walks but we haven’t talked about it. Maybe someday we will. As for me it will happen when it happens. I’m sure of it but I also do know I love men a bit too much for it to be a permanent thing. Hence the name bicurious. I’ll be honest and not like the girls who blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol.
So for all those who were wondering whether it was a myth it isn’t and you’re girls probably naughtier than she’ll let on.

I had heard the rumours Confirmation of th name of their political party. I can honestly say I”m in shock I keep expecting someone to interrupt and yell out you’ve been punked. Or as one of my good friends would say ” HAVE! Umehaviwa”
iCant with these people any more. I won’t even go into the ridiculousness of the press conference. Just watch.

or maybe it’s the end days?

Yes I get it you’re tired of the story. You want it to be over again but every time you think it is something pops out of the woodwork and suddenly everywhere you go that’s all people are talking about with your timeline and Facebook posts all about it.
Yesterday as I watched Carol Mutoko on K24 with Jeff ‘What a Show’ Koinange, the penny dropped. The reason why I care and why you should.
See Esther was a breath of fresh air until now there had never been even a whiff of scandal near her unlike her erstwhile colleagues who marathon to keep Nairobi tongues wagging at a rate of 1000 words per beer.
As Carol said she epitomised a lady who was intelligent, not afraid to work hard and who was down to earth.
Truth is we don’t see those types to often the Nairobi girl has been much to exposed to #hoshit that she believes that this is how life is meant to be. Chasing after the rich guy so he can set you up and the most work they do is staying ahead of the other girls and laying on their backs. Reason is they and we can all name quite a few girls who’ve gone that way. The rich businessman, politician, young upcoming lad are all looking for prospects to add to the harem. We’ve seen it so long it’s become the norm and the career choice for many young girls.
Lots of guys complain about the mindset in so many girls who dumb down, become clingy, have a roster of exes and who’s main interest are the cheddar signs defined by where the guy works, lives, drives and wears. Just so you know it’s part of the syllabus in Mpango wa Kando 101.

1. Create your whole world around him
2. Chase him regardless of the wife or SO after all you’ve got to get yours
3. Give him everything he wants even if you don’t want to.
4. Never argue and become skilled in getting him to loosen the purse strings
5. Keep increasing your repertoire to deal with every threat and situation.

The reason so many of our leaders are walking around with their ten tonne egos is because a girl many girls are filling their heads with ish to get what they want. Which in turn comes back to us with their nonsensical ish.

It’s now cool to be a video vixen in Kenya or a stripper or porn star. Who remembers the days when girls would be afraid to do questionable ish in videos AND let their faces be seen?

Understand that the images we see around us perpetuate the culture. I’ve seen educated well spoken ladies join the harems and lose themselves in search for the life. Esther showed young women that it did not have to be like that she brought the cool to that marvellous combination of beauty, class and brains.
Too many times a woman who is a go getter is the bitch, Aggression is unbecoming case in point Carole and Martha Karua yet it is because of them that Esther got where she was. Her almost daily appearances in our living rooms was an antidote to all that #hoshit worship going on.
Truth is she’s the girl any guy would love to tak home to his mum, the daughter-in-law who would be warmly accepted, the elder sister to look up to and the friend to many.
Right now she’s lost a lot of that respect and esteem we held her in. The many girls who admired her don’t see the point in living like her because of where she’s ended up. Behind the jokes and all is a very real sadness for her. That she has come to this,when they weigh being the other woman and being her, guess who wins? They will both get talked about and scorned in the same way.So is being a lady worth it?

P.S. Pray for her we need her to come out of this stronger for all the people who looked up to her.
P.S.S. To show you just how normal it’s become here’s Teairra Marie’s latest song SPONSOR ft Gucci Mane (he of the unhygienic mouth) and Soulja Boy (the fad that became famous)

{March 4, 2010}   Showing some P-Unit Love

I am one of those people who loves music, not fussy about the particular genre but if the song gets me it gets me. So far all the songs released by this talented group has been one of them. I first fell in love with Kushoto Kulia (left and right for the non-Swa speakers) I even had my own dance to it. They are a breath of fresh air in the industry with their catchy club bangers flawless production and even if they are sometimes simple. The beauty is in the fact that you will definitely want to get on your feet and dance. Or at least I will.
Their first introduction was through Nonini who by then had already established himself as the Calif Bad Boy with his lewd lyrics that shocked and at some point stopped shocking Kenyans. It was an ingenious move on his part and showed his ability to adapt and some versatility. It maintained his relevance kept him banging in the game even as so many were forgotten. It also succeeded in giving him respectability in the industry and showed the maturity exhibited in his latest album The Godfather.
Here is P-Unit featuring DNA in Una

This song showcases their very sarcastic sense of humour and making on that play of wanting more than you have then finding out you’ve been dealt a bad hand.
P-Unit stands for Pro Habo Unit with Pro Habo being Nonini’s record label.

With P-Unit under his wing with their catchy songs they were soon on their way to the top. The group is made up of Gabu, Frasha and Bon-eye. They clearly complement each other’s flow and the end results are always good.
Here they are with a personal favourite Juu tu Sana

The one who is always in a hat and sunglasses is Frasha, he has the distinction of being a doctor who loves music. Unfortunately his moonlighting has to be behind that as he can’t risk his being found out. I do give mad props to the Kenyan media that has been good enough to accommodate him. It really can’t be easy but he gives inspiration to those who want to follow their prassions. This is their latest release Hapa Kule. Nice video but one of those Mohawks is just not working for me.

{February 27, 2010}   Coming to America

I just got this cool chart showing the number of immigrants in the US. There are an estimated 15,866 Kenyans in the US approximately 11,353 are asylum seekers.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this. While Kenya did face persecution in the Moi years the main issue was always economic rather than true persecution. The American Dream advertised in music videos and numerous movies seduced people from all over the world. You really can’t blame people ready to work for a better life in difficult circumstances. This is a topic that hits close to home. If things had gone the way they were supposed to I would have been one of the statistics. Instead I rebelled, it stopped making sense for me.  The way I saw it if I worked even  quarter as hard as I would be expected to here my chances for success were are higher. Truth is life is hard here ut you do have the benefit of a support system and a system that understands you as much as it tries to game you.

The opportunity here is immense and for anyone who doesn’t believe it just readAfrica Rising by Vijay Mahajan. The book details the many challenges that African businesses face and overcome to reap ridiculous profits. It is the absolute truth the nature of our development means that we are skipping the natural progression enjoyed by developed countries. The demand for products by the rising middle class and the wealthy is driven by knowledge. The iphone, Chrysler and Nexus will be here shortly after they are released abroad. The fashion labels such are as easily recognised here as they are there. Even better is if your product or service is geared to the bottom billion.  They will buy and you will succeed.

I’ve learnt that to succeed here you have to work hard, guard your ideas fiercely, pray daily and make the networks that will help you. It is possible and if idea one does not succeed maybe idea 27 will. So why would I go and hustle a minimum wage job? No matter hothe so called perks  I’d rather be here coming up with ideas that work and will help my people and country. I’d still like to go to the States but I still believe it’s overrated and if you don’t have cash. It is hard. It is possible to make it but I’d rather take my chances here.

Who is Coming to America
Via: Online Schools

{February 26, 2010}   Juliani

I think he is one of the most talented Mcees on the scene. he is greatly underrated by some especially after his switch to Gospel music after a stint in Ukoo Flani. Real name Julius Owino he grew up in Dandora the hood that has given Kenya so many hiphop greats. He first started hanging out with the Ukoo Flani Crew because his deskmate was part of them. and they encouraged his growing interest in hip hop. let hi Eventually he impressed them to let him enough to join.

After he got saved he began spending more time with the Kubamba Crew who introduced him to the big names in the Gospel Music Industry. The rest as they say is history. He forms an integral part of MWAPI – Music With A Positive Influence. He was also chosen as a narrator on the MTV HIV-AIDs production Shuga with his songs also featuring. He is one of those celebrities committed to making a difference with his fame and clout and his legions of fans passionately support him. He launched his album Mtaa Mentality in December 2008. If you haven’t heard it get yourself a copy. Meanwhile here is a taste of him in the song Pages za Bible with Aleembe and Sadic.

{February 26, 2010}   African Treasures

Hello world, This is my first blogpost and I want to kick it off with some special people, music and fashion that I quite literally stumbled upon. Their talent is amazing and even more so because they are from the motherland. I’m biased and proudly so. (Insert smiley face)

Her name is Nneka and she’s from Nigeria. She is Nigerian-German and spent the first 18 years of her life in Nigeria. Her nigerian identity is important to her and a number of her songs focus on political and social themes. Her music is very conscious with touches of Amel Larrieux, Lauryn and the big man Bob Marley.Her style uniquely hers and the distinctive smoky voice leaves a beautiful stamp in your soul. Her debut album was called Victim of Truth was released in 2005 and is definately worth a listen. Her second album was released in 2008 titled No Longer at Ease after a book by the same name by Chinua Achebe. Her 2010 album is set to be released later in the year and it is titled Concrete Jungle. The video below is called Heartbeat off the album No Longer at ease

My next favourite is Asa, She’s more famous for the song Jailer but I love Fire on the mountain more. Enjoy.

et cetera