{February 26, 2010}   Juliani

I think he is one of the most talented Mcees on the scene. he is greatly underrated by some especially after his switch to Gospel music after a stint in Ukoo Flani. Real name Julius Owino he grew up in Dandora the hood that has given Kenya so many hiphop greats. He first started hanging out with the Ukoo Flani Crew because his deskmate was part of them. and they encouraged his growing interest in hip hop. let hi Eventually he impressed them to let him enough to join.

After he got saved he began spending more time with the Kubamba Crew who introduced him to the big names in the Gospel Music Industry. The rest as they say is history. He forms an integral part of MWAPI – Music With A Positive Influence. He was also chosen as a narrator on the MTV HIV-AIDs production Shuga with his songs also featuring. He is one of those celebrities committed to making a difference with his fame and clout and his legions of fans passionately support him. He launched his album Mtaa Mentality in December 2008. If you haven’t heard it get yourself a copy. Meanwhile here is a taste of him in the song Pages za Bible with Aleembe and Sadic.


Juliani was doing gospel hiphop even in his days with ukoo flani mau mau. his debut came with the first ukoo flani mau mau album kilio cha haki. he is also the only solo artist after mashiftaz lyrical gymnast kitu sewer to have a song on mau mauz sophomore album dandora burning. the song is called jesusnosis. by the way he is still considered a member. i can bet he will feature in the collectivez third album if it ever sees the light of day.

Thanks for the info. I first heard of him from his album and I kinda relied on newspaper articles that were not really enlightening. Thanks for dropping your knowledge, I appreciate the lesson. I actually really like your blog keeps my hip hop knowledge on point. Nice to know he’s still a member of Ukoo Flani I foresee really tight tracks coming through from them with him.

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