{February 27, 2010}   Coming to America

I just got this cool chart showing the number of immigrants in the US. There are an estimated 15,866 Kenyans in the US approximately 11,353 are asylum seekers.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this. While Kenya did face persecution in the Moi years the main issue was always economic rather than true persecution. The American Dream advertised in music videos and numerous movies seduced people from all over the world. You really can’t blame people ready to work for a better life in difficult circumstances. This is a topic that hits close to home. If things had gone the way they were supposed to I would have been one of the statistics. Instead I rebelled, it stopped making sense for me.  The way I saw it if I worked even  quarter as hard as I would be expected to here my chances for success were are higher. Truth is life is hard here ut you do have the benefit of a support system and a system that understands you as much as it tries to game you.

The opportunity here is immense and for anyone who doesn’t believe it just readAfrica Rising by Vijay Mahajan. The book details the many challenges that African businesses face and overcome to reap ridiculous profits. It is the absolute truth the nature of our development means that we are skipping the natural progression enjoyed by developed countries. The demand for products by the rising middle class and the wealthy is driven by knowledge. The iphone, Chrysler and Nexus will be here shortly after they are released abroad. The fashion labels such are as easily recognised here as they are there. Even better is if your product or service is geared to the bottom billion.  They will buy and you will succeed.

I’ve learnt that to succeed here you have to work hard, guard your ideas fiercely, pray daily and make the networks that will help you. It is possible and if idea one does not succeed maybe idea 27 will. So why would I go and hustle a minimum wage job? No matter hothe so called perks  I’d rather be here coming up with ideas that work and will help my people and country. I’d still like to go to the States but I still believe it’s overrated and if you don’t have cash. It is hard. It is possible to make it but I’d rather take my chances here.

Who is Coming to America
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