{March 11, 2010}   The Bicurious Debate

I am curious… seriously. I love beauty, understand it and even more so I love beautiful women. I’ve always known it as there. In high school (the strict type) for girls it was there but then it didn’t appeal to me because it seemed to be only for a certain type of girl who more often than not was butch or too much like a guy. If you want a guy get a guy why settle ? I know it’s controversial but that’s just me.
So my first kiss (with a girl) was probably a dare or something at a camp with my friends after high school I think. It was a drunken truth or dare and I don’t remember much. The next one was with this really beautiful chic who was a friend of a girl pal’s and well she wanted to make her boyfriend while I really just didn’t care. The pal who had introduced me to her is also really beautiful and at some point in the future we had our moment too.
The most memorable for me was this one time I’d gone out with my girls. I was annoyed with the boyfriend who instead of coming with us wanted to hang out with his uni crew, Did I mention he was with them every freaking time??If I wanted to go out I’d have to tag along since he never wachanad with them. So in all my sexiness with my girls who clearly represented the hotness we went out. Met with the boyfriend and his crew in town then left to Westy. We were nicely buzzed when we got there and the first stop was Q’s those days when we all used to go and tick the roll call.So we would walk downstairs and upstairs checking the stretch of Q’s looking to see if our friends were there. I was at one end of the downstairs level and that’s when I saw her, She was hott!! Seriously smoking. She gestured for me to come over so I went then she whispers in my ear.
”Babes you are so hot”
I’m thinking ‘I was going to tell her the same thing”
Then she kissed me..
Honestly felt like those out of body experiences and I don’t remember how long it was only at some point it hit me that my girls would probably be in the area and since I didn’t want to shock them I left.
But I went back three times and we made out twice before we almost got caught by her girlfriend. Mind you this is in more or less the open corner of Q’s near a pool table. She had both a girlfriend and a boyfriend and a girlfriend but her boyfriend didn’t know about the girlfriend
. Like she said it’s every guy’s fantasy but NOT when it comes to his girlfriend. We exchanged details before the girlfriend came back and I left before she got suspicious.
We did text and we were supposed to meet until I chickened out because of the boyfriend. I didn’t ant to do him wrong and in the event I went for the other team I didn’t want to hide it.
Now I can testify most of my girls have that undercurrent of attraction, you just don’t want to make a move because you’re not quite sure how far they are ready to go. With others all it takes is a little alcohol and no judgment and the promise of secrecy and they will make the switch. Sometimes the baby showers and hen-parties are really a walk on the wild side.
I even had a girl pal who got fed up with guys after a particularly nasty break -up and went to the other side. It was interesting to watch I must admit and she could have been on my list if it wasn’t for her tendency to annouce her biz to the whole world. Cardinal rule though with the girls is secrecy unless they
1. Don’t really care
2. Are there for the long haul.
One of my girl pals has a theory that it’s there for every woman currently in our age group as Xs said. I’m also very sure that that particular friend has taken those walks but we haven’t talked about it. Maybe someday we will. As for me it will happen when it happens. I’m sure of it but I also do know I love men a bit too much for it to be a permanent thing. Hence the name bicurious. I’ll be honest and not like the girls who blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol.
So for all those who were wondering whether it was a myth it isn’t and you’re girls probably naughtier than she’ll let on.

interesting. i should open my eyes wider next time i am out and observe.

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