Yes I get it you’re tired of the story. You want it to be over again but every time you think it is something pops out of the woodwork and suddenly everywhere you go that’s all people are talking about with your timeline and Facebook posts all about it.
Yesterday as I watched Carol Mutoko on K24 with Jeff ‘What a Show’ Koinange, the penny dropped. The reason why I care and why you should.
See Esther was a breath of fresh air until now there had never been even a whiff of scandal near her unlike her erstwhile colleagues who marathon to keep Nairobi tongues wagging at a rate of 1000 words per beer.
As Carol said she epitomised a lady who was intelligent, not afraid to work hard and who was down to earth.
Truth is we don’t see those types to often the Nairobi girl has been much to exposed to #hoshit that she believes that this is how life is meant to be. Chasing after the rich guy so he can set you up and the most work they do is staying ahead of the other girls and laying on their backs. Reason is they and we can all name quite a few girls who’ve gone that way. The rich businessman, politician, young upcoming lad are all looking for prospects to add to the harem. We’ve seen it so long it’s become the norm and the career choice for many young girls.
Lots of guys complain about the mindset in so many girls who dumb down, become clingy, have a roster of exes and who’s main interest are the cheddar signs defined by where the guy works, lives, drives and wears. Just so you know it’s part of the syllabus in Mpango wa Kando 101.

1. Create your whole world around him
2. Chase him regardless of the wife or SO after all you’ve got to get yours
3. Give him everything he wants even if you don’t want to.
4. Never argue and become skilled in getting him to loosen the purse strings
5. Keep increasing your repertoire to deal with every threat and situation.

The reason so many of our leaders are walking around with their ten tonne egos is because a girl many girls are filling their heads with ish to get what they want. Which in turn comes back to us with their nonsensical ish.

It’s now cool to be a video vixen in Kenya or a stripper or porn star. Who remembers the days when girls would be afraid to do questionable ish in videos AND let their faces be seen?

Understand that the images we see around us perpetuate the culture. I’ve seen educated well spoken ladies join the harems and lose themselves in search for the life. Esther showed young women that it did not have to be like that she brought the cool to that marvellous combination of beauty, class and brains.
Too many times a woman who is a go getter is the bitch, Aggression is unbecoming case in point Carole and Martha Karua yet it is because of them that Esther got where she was. Her almost daily appearances in our living rooms was an antidote to all that #hoshit worship going on.
Truth is she’s the girl any guy would love to tak home to his mum, the daughter-in-law who would be warmly accepted, the elder sister to look up to and the friend to many.
Right now she’s lost a lot of that respect and esteem we held her in. The many girls who admired her don’t see the point in living like her because of where she’s ended up. Behind the jokes and all is a very real sadness for her. That she has come to this,when they weigh being the other woman and being her, guess who wins? They will both get talked about and scorned in the same way.So is being a lady worth it?

P.S. Pray for her we need her to come out of this stronger for all the people who looked up to her.
P.S.S. To show you just how normal it’s become here’s Teairra Marie’s latest song SPONSOR ft Gucci Mane (he of the unhygienic mouth) and Soulja Boy (the fad that became famous)


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